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Today’s Gold rate in Agra is 5,910 INR per gram of 24K. Agra is a city on the banks of the river Yamuna in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Gold rates in Agra in Various Gold Purity | 24K, 22K and 18K

Gold Purity1Gram1Tola
24K₹ 6,117₹ 72,490
22K₹ 5,415₹ 65,470
18K₹ 3,810₹ 46,615

Gold has always been a very important part of the economy. It is more valuable and important than just being a rare metal. Gold is often thought of as a safe purchase, especially when the economy is in trouble. It can help keep money in the bank and protect against inflation.

So, why should you care about the gold rates in Agra? Well, you need to know how it affects your money choices to find out. Whether you’re an investor, a business owner, or just someone who wants to make smart financial decisions, it can be very important to know what the current price of gold is.

Most common factor that affects the Gold rates in India is US Dollar, most of trading is held in USD so when dollar goes up it affects the Indian rupees and gold rates in India also.

Gold rates in Agra

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Historical Trends of Gold rates in Agra

Gold price charts can be used to track the price of gold over time and to identify gold price history. There are a number of different types of gold price charts, each with its own advantages and disadvantages to analyze the gold price history.


1. What factors determine the gold rate?

The gold rate is determined by various factors such as global economic conditions, supply and demand, inflation rates, currency fluctuations, and geopolitical events.

2. How often does the gold rate change?

The gold rate can fluctuate multiple times throughout the day due to market conditions. It is important to stay updated with real-time market information.

3. How is the purity of gold measured?

The purity of gold is measured in karats (K) or fineness. Karats range from 24K (purest form) to 1K (least pure). Fineness is expressed as a percentage and indicates the amount of pure gold in a piece.

4. Is there a standard for measuring gold purity globally?

Different countries have their own standards for measuring gold purity. However, the most commonly used standards are 24K (99.9% pure), 22K (91.7% pure), and 18K (75% pure).

5. What are some common ways to purchase gold?

Gold can be purchased through various channels such as jewelry stores, bullion dealers, online platforms, banks, and government mints.

6. Are there any additional costs associated with purchasing gold?

When purchasing physical gold, additional costs may include making charges for jewelry pieces or premiums over spot price for bullion coins or bars.

7. Can I invest in paper-based forms of gold instead of physical metal?

Yes, you can invest in paper-based forms of gold like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), futures contracts, options contracts, or shares of mining companies that deal with gold.

8.What is the 18K gold rate in agra?

Today’s 18k gold rate in Agra is 3,910 INR Per gram.

9.Difference between carat and karat?

Carat and Karat are commonly thought to be synonyms. To begin, I’d like to explain why we use the term “Karat” instead of “Carat” when referring to gold purity. Karat is a measure of how pure gold is. In which case, 24k gold is the purest available. Carat- It is used to measure weight of gem or precious stones. A single carat is equivalent to 200(mg).

10.In which month gold price is lowest?

Since 1975, gold prices have fallen highest in March. April may have a slightly lower price, but history shows March is when gold falls the most, making it a good opportunity to buy. Silver defies this trend.

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